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Net Carbon Neutral Data Centres

Sustainability is a significant differentiator for TEAM Cloud, with a commitment to operating within Toitū carbon net-zero data centres. This reflects our broader commitment to environmental responsibility, aligning with New Zealand's values around sustainability and the global push towards reducing carbon footprints. By focusing on sustainability, TEAM Cloud will appeal to organisations that prioritise environmental impact as part of their decision-making process for cloud services. 


TEAM Cloud Services powered by Ampere  

Of the many CPU options offered by TEAM Cloud, Ampere stands out as a key strategic partner for Oracle in building a sustainable cloud at scale.  Oracle is running on Ampere instances within OCI/TEAM Cloud across the board. All new customers are running Fusion Apps on Ampere, Oracle Database has launched on Ampere, and more than 300+ OCI/TEAM Cloud services are running on Ampere A1 shapes with support for Ampere A2 shapes expected to come online soon.

Many large-scale customers are also adopting the Ampere shapes to take advantage of the improved price-performance infrastructure on OCI/TEAM Cloud. By adopting Ampere Cloud Native Processors, data centres can save 2-3x power and space, dramatically reducing their carbon footprint. Reducing the carbon footprints also enables customers to reach their ESG goals and help shorten the time to Net-Zero emissions initiatives.

The Five S's

TEAM Cloud is distinguished in the New Zealand cloud services market through a strategic focus on five key pillars, which are designed to address specific needs and concerns of New Zealand businesses, government agencies, and indigenous communities, offering a unique value proposition compared to other hyperscale cloud providers planning operations in New Zealand.

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