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Sovereign Regions

Two independent regions in the North Island

TEAM Cloud, a New Zealand Sovereign Cloud powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), offers two cloud regions that are located only within the geographic boundaries of New Zealand. Both commercial and public sector organisations can use these regions to host their cloud applications and customer data within New Zealand to meet data residency and sovereignty requirements. 

You can choose to run in a specific single region of the TEAM Cloud New Zealand Sovereign Cloud realm or run in both regions, depending on your specific business requirements. A low-latency network between regions (<0.5 ms) allows applications to span multiple regions and offers resilience if a geographical disaster occurs, while still maintaining hosted data within the boundaries of New Zealand. Each region has three fault domains, which are groupings of hardware that form virtual data centres for local high availability and resilience to hardware and network failures. 

The region names and identifiers for the TEAM Cloud New Zealand Sovereign Cloud are shown in the following table: 

Region Identifier

Region Location

Region Key

Realm Key

Availability Domains

NZ Sovereign (Auckland West)


Auckland West




NZ Sovereign (Auckland North)



Auckland North




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