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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a selection of common questions we get about TEAM Cloud and its capabilities. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us here.


What is TEAM Cloud?
TEAM Cloud is New Zealand’s new hyperscale sovereign cloud service, provided by TEAM IM, powered by Oracle Cloud.
TEAM Cloud gives New Zealand customers the ability to store sensitive data within New Zealand, under NZ's legal regulations and governance. This contrasts to other cloud providers who may offer data residency but who have overseas parent companies and ownership, who therefore do not operate solely under the laws of New Zealand. We provide customers, partners and our channel the ability to offer their customers a true vendor backed cloud option on shore with assured sovereignty.
TEAM Cloud has a strategic focus on The Five S's:
Sovereignty: Data in TEAM Cloud is subject to New Zealand law and governance.
Sustainability: TEAM Cloud operates Toitū certified net-zero carbon data centre with a commitment to environmental responsibility.
Security: We leverage Oracle's robust security technologies while operating from Zone 5 specified (certified to Zone 4) New Zealand datacentres.
Services: Over 100 OCI services including compute, storage, AI, machine learning, and IoT. IaaS, PaaS with SaaS coming soon.
Support: 24x7, delivered from New Zealand. This contrasts with other hyperscalers operating in New Zealand.
What is the difference between data residency, and data sovereignty?

There is a significant difference between residency and sovereignty of data. To help in understanding the difference, please visit:

Note that some hyperscalers operating in New Zealand claim to have Data Sovereign solutions but they do not. This is because they are not exclusively governed by the laws of New Zealand but rather are governed by the laws in the country where their head office is located or that of their parent company.

What is the meaning of an Autonomous Database and why is the beneficial to our customers?

Oracle Autonomous Database is a fully automated service that makes it easy for an organisation to develop and deploy application workloads, regardless of the complexity, scale, or criticality. It can relieve your DBAs of mundane tasks allowing them to concentrate on more value-added activities.

Autonomous Database | Oracle New Zealand 

Is TEAM Cloud going to offer Private Cloud in addition to public cloud services?

TEAM Cloud is a private enterprise cloud, powered by Oracle Cloud.

Timeline for PaaS and Saas?

IaaS & PaaS are available in August 2024 and SaaS will be announced in the near future.

What is the relationship between TEAM IM and TEAM Cloud?

TEAM Cloud is a brand and division of TEAM IM. TEAM Cloud is providing the Oracle OCI Cloud in New Zealand and TEAM IM offers wrap-around services to customers and partners as required.

Is TEAM Cloud just for Oracle customers?

No. TEAM Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is for any workload, not just Oracle. Any IaaS workload can reside and run on TEAM Cloud's infrastructure and if a customer chooses TEAM Cloud for their IaaS workloads, they will gain the benefits of our low latency, sovereign, sustainable cloud.

TEAM Cloud also offers PaaS services and SaaS will be available in the future.

Any restrictions on non-Oracle workloads on TEAM Cloud?

No restrictions. TEAM Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is for any workload, not just Oracle

Will data be stored or processed exclusively in New Zealand?

Yes. Data will be resident in New Zealand. TEAM Cloud's two regions are contained with TEAM Cloud's New Zealand realm. Processing will be undertaken in New Zealand. By exception and if the customer desires it, they may integrate their New Zealand workloads with regions outside New Zealand. This is at the customers discretion.

What visibility does TEAM Cloud have of Customer data?

No visibility, unless the customer permits or requires TEAM Cloud to assist them.

What country’s laws govern TEAM Cloud and my data?

New Zealand.

How many regions are there in TEAM Cloud?

TEAM Cloud will be live with Auckland West in August and with Auckland North in December or January 2025

When will TEAM Cloud’s 2nd region be opened and where will it be located?

Initially TEAM Cloud will open two regions in 2024. Auckland West in August and Auckland North in January 2025.

Pricing / Licensing 

How does current Oracle on prem licensing get utlised in TEAM Cloud (BYO Licensing)?

Oracle users may bring their on-premise current licenses to TEAM Cloud IaaS (known as BYOL). TEAM Cloud will work alongside the customer or partner during the data migration planning discussion around the options.

Does a customer need to get additional Oracle licences if they move my workload from Oracle to TEAM IM?

No. Oracle users may bring their on-premise license to TEAM Cloud IaaS (known as BYOL).


What will the latency be between the TEAM Cloud regions?

Less than 0.5 milli seconds.

Do TEAM Cloud provide a bare-metal option?

Yes. Customers can install their own services and software stack on OCI bare metal.

Does TEAM Cloud provide Exadata?

Exadata services are available from TEAM Cloud.

Can we provide Dataguard replication between TEAM Cloud and Oracle Cloud overseas?

Yes, we can. For example, you could have your production workload in New Zealand and DR in Australia. 


What migration services are available and can a partner white-label this service as part of their service? Or does TEAM Cloud provide migration services?

TEAM IM can provide migration services supported by Oracle using Oracle's best practice, migration tools and assessments. Partners may also to provide these services where an existing partner relationship exists. However, if a customer or partner lacks the capability or scale to offer such services, they can bundle TEAM IM's migration services as a complete solution.

Is the migration a straight lift and shift from a current OCI tenancy?

We can move workloads from public OCI tenancies into our sovereign tenancy, seamlessly and easily. We can also move workloads from other hyperscalers and on-premise into TEAM Cloud, to allow customers to take advantage of the NZ OCI sovereign, low latency, sustainable cloud.

TEAM Cloud also follows a cloud adoption framework to help you get more out of your move to the cloud than just lift and shift.


How does someone become a partner of TEAM Cloud and what services can a partner offer?

To become a partner of TEAM Cloud please contact Jason Barcham ( or Amanda Watson ( to discuss the onboarding process and the benefits of becoming a partner.

What is the difference between a Channel Partner and an Eco-Partner?
A Partner or Channel Partner is a reseller of services, and generally a Systems Integrator (SI), providing the customer systems, services and support. A TEAM Cloud Eco Partner has a set of specific services, such as Cyber security or data consolidation or consultancy. Their relationships with customers may require a wider skilled service in order to take them to the cloud. Together with a Channel Partner they can provide the full solution.
The TEAM Cloud Partner Eco System allows both partners to leverage off the others service offering.
What collateral is available to share with our customer and to understand the cloud services available?

Website will be expanded over time and a TEAM Cloud portal created for our partners. Here they will be able to go in and find marketing and sales collateral that will assist their sales, technical, and presales teams to understand the cloud services that are available and share that information with their customers. There will also be a technical support part of the portal.


Oracle Database on Azure, what does this mean?

Microsoft offers Oracle on AZURE in some international locations, however there are no plans to have database on Azure in NZ.

Egress costs vs Ingress Costs (Competitive)
These are from the public facing price lists, in USD/per month;
Data transfer between Availability Zones (within a region) (Egress and Ingress): $0.02 per GB
Data transfer between regions within New Zealand $0.02Gb
Internet Egress
First 10TB / Month: $0.09 per GB
Next 40TB / Month: $0.085 per GB
Next 100TB / Month: $0.07 per GB
Greater than 150Tb / Month: $0.05 per GB
Data transfer between Availability Zones (within a region) (Egress and Ingress): $0.01 per GB
Data transfer between regions within New Zealand $0.01Gb
Internet Egress
First 100GB / Month: Free
Next 10TB / Month: $0.11 per GB
Next 40TB / Month: $0.07 per GB
Next 100TB / Month: $0.06 per GB
Next 350TB / Month: $0.04 per GB
Data transfer between availability zones: free
Data transfer between regions within New Zealand: free
Internet Egress
First 10TB / Month: Free
Over 10TB / Month: $0.03 per GB
Can a customer put their own (e.g. specialised) hardware into TEAM Cloud’s DC?

No. However they can install and run systems on OCI bare metal if that suits their purposes.

How does TEAM Cloud's sustainability story stack up against the competition?
Sustainability is a significant differentiator for TEAM Cloud, with a commitment to operating within Toitū carbon net-zero data centres. This reflects our broader commitment to environmental responsibility, aligning with New Zealand's values around sustainability and the global push towards reducing carbon footprints. By focusing on sustainability, TEAM Cloud will appeal to organisations that prioritise environmental impact as part of their decision-making process for cloud services.

Speak with one of our team today to learn how to get started with TEAM Cloud.