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Welcome to TEAM Cloud.

A New Zealand hyperscale sovereign cloud service, owned and operated by TEAM IM, powered by Oracle Cloud.

TEAM Cloud will provide your organisation with enhanced data residency and digital sovereignty, as well as boost resilience with extensive disaster recovery capabilities. We will operate independently across two net-carbon zero certified data centres in New Zealand, owned and operated by TEAM IM, powered by Oracle Cloud.

The Five S's

TEAM Cloud is distinguished in the New Zealand cloud services market through a strategic focus on five key pillars: Sovereignty, Sustainability, Security, Services, and Support. These pillars are designed to address specific needs and concerns of New Zealand businesses, government agencies, and indigenous communities, offering a unique value proposition compared to other hyperscale cloud providers planning operations in New Zealand.



We emphasise data sovereignty as a core principle, ensuring that data stored in its cloud infrastructure is subject to New Zealand law and governance. As a locally owned and operated New Zealand based cloud service, data is physically located within New Zealand and governed by local laws. We also respect recognise the importance of managing data in ways that are consistent with Māori values and principles. 



Sustainability is a significant differentiator for TEAM Cloud, with our commitment to operating Toitū carbon net-zero data centres. Our broader commitment to environmental responsibility aligns with New Zealand’s values and the global push towards reducing carbon footprints. By focusing on sustainability, we appeal to organisations that prioritise optimal environmental impact.



Protecting data and infrastructure is integral to TEAM Cloud's offering. We leverage Oracle's robust cloud security technologies to offer a secure cloud environment. This includes advanced security features and best practices to safeguard against threats, ensuring that customers' data and applications are protected in compliance with New Zealand’s stringent security standards. Our physical security is based on Zone 5 specified data centres (certified to Zone 4) for both our New Zealand based regions.



TEAM Cloud offers access to more than 100 OCI services, providing a wide range of cloud computing resources, including computing power, storage options, and advanced cloud technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. This extensive suite of services allows New Zealand organisations to leverage cutting-edge technologies to innovate, scale, and transform their operations efficiently.



Our Wellington-based, 24x7 support distinguishes TEAM Cloud from other hyperscalers. This service ensures that all customers receive timely and culturally sensitive assistance, aligning with New Zealand business hours and cultural context. This support is crucial for businesses requiring immediate help and those valuing the assurance that comes from having support staff who understand the local business environment and regulatory landscape.

TEAM IM + Oracle Cloud

TEAM Cloud is brought to you by TEAM IM, which is a New Zealand owned and operated managed services provider and information management specialist. Our partnership with Oracle Cloud allows us to provide a complete cloud infrastructure platform. 

“Organisations in New Zealand are increasingly eager to harness the power of the cloud while safeguarding the integrity of their data within their own shores by leveraging a unique hyperscale cloud solution.”


Ian Rogers | Co-Founder TEAM Cloud and CEO TEAM IM

Speak with one of our team today to learn how to get started with TEAM Cloud.