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Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service (PaaS), distinct from SaaS (Software as a Service) or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), encompasses a suite of cloud services utilised for the construction and administration of modern applications and data, whether situated on-premises or in the cloud.

PaaS furnishes infrastructure and middleware components in the cloud, empowering developers and IT administrators to create and oversee mobile apps and web applications.

PaaS providers such as TEAM Cloud, not only supply the infrastructure but also host the hardware and software on their own systems, facilitating cloud computing. Furthermore, PaaS encompasses development, management, and security features. This model streamlines cloud computing by centralising existing applications, facilitating the creation of new ones, and empowering organisations to achieve quicker time-to-market at a reduced total cost of ownership.

Through our partnership with Oracle, TEAM Cloud is able to provide a similar range of PaaS services equivalent to any Oracle Cloud region globally.

Team Cloud’s PaaS Services include;

PAAS_Analytics Cloud Services

Analytics Cloud Services

The Analytics platform is a cloud native service that provides the capabilities required to address the entire analytics process including data ingestion and modelling, data preparation and enrichment, and visualisation and collaboration, without compromising security and governance. Embedded machine learning and natural language processing technologies help increase productivity and build an analytics-driven culture in organisations. Start on-premises or in the cloud—Analytics supports a hybrid deployment strategy, providing flexible paths to the cloud.

2_TEAM Cloud_Web Icons_PAAS_Application Development Cloud Services

Application Development Cloud Services

It's time to build. On TEAM Cloud developers find a comprehensive portfolio of tools and developer services to build new cloud native applications, modernise, and extend enterprise applications.
3_TEAM Cloud_Web Icons_PAAS_Big Data Services

Big Data Cloud Services

Big Data Cloud Service is a fully managed, automated cloud service that provides enterprises with a cost-effective Hadoop environment. Customers easily create secure and scalable Hadoop-based data lakes that can quickly process large amounts of data.
PAAS_Content Management Cloud Services

Content Management Cloud Services

Content Management is a cloud-based content hub to drive omni-channel content management and accelerate experience delivery. It offers powerful collaboration, workflow management, and development capabilities to streamline the creation and delivery of content and improve customer and employee engagement.

PAAS_Data Integration Cloud Services

Data Integration Cloud Services

Easily extract, transform and load (ETL) data for data science and analytics. Design code-free data flows into data lakes and data marts. Part of Oracle’s comprehensive portfolio of integration solutions.

PAAS_Data Management Cloud Services

Data Management Cloud Services

With Database Management Cloud Service, DBAs get a unified console for Oracle on-premises and cloud databases with lifecycle database management capabilities for monitoring, performance management, tuning, and administration. Use advanced database fleet diagnostics and tuning to troubleshoot issues and optimise performance. Optimise SQL with real-time SQL monitoring and simplify database configurations.

PAAS_Enterprise Integration Cloud Services

Enterprise Integration Cloud Services

Integration Cloud Service is a complete, secure, but lightweight integration solution that enables you to connect your applications in the cloud. It simplifies connectivity between your applications, and can connect both your applications that live in the cloud and your applications that still live on premises.

PAAS_Management Cloud Services

Management Cloud Services

Management Cloud represents a new generation of systems management tools designed for today's agile IT organisations. It's the culmination of Oracle's autonomous cloud vision to provide customers with a complete solution for managing and securing heterogeneous environments with minimal effort.

PAAS_Security and Identity Cloud Services

Security and Identity Cloud Services

Manage user access and entitlements for TEAM Cloud and across a wide range of cloud and on-premises applications using a cloud native, identity as a service (IDaaS) platform. Oracle offers a unified cloud identity solution that centres user identity as the security perimeter and helps organisations pursue a zero-trust strategy.

PAAS_All icons

This diverse array of services underscores the versatility and comprehensive capabilities of the TEAM Cloud's PaaS platform and TEAM Cloud also offers some of the lowest Data Egress charges, where the first 10Tb/month is free.

Speak with one of our team today to learn how to get started with TEAM Cloud.