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Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) empowers you to migrate traditional on-premise applications to hardware located in TEAM Cloud’s regions.


This transition offers heightened performance and reliability, coupled with a simplified cost structure and scalable pricing that accommodates application growth.

Maintaining on-premise data centres entails initial investments and ongoing management responsibilities, including space allocation, maintenance, business continuity, power, software licensing, and security. The need for substantial personnel to support data centre operations further adds to the challenges. In contrast, IaaS facilitates the safe migration of applications to the cloud, provided licensing and support agreements permit.  Through our partnership with Oracle, TEAM Cloud is able to provide a similar range of IaaS services equivalent to any Oracle Cloud region globally.

The comprehensive range of TEAM Cloud’s IaaS services collaboratively delivers a stable and reliable solution, encompassing:


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Offering fully dedicated Bare Metal Instances or Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Bare Metal Instances, providing isolated single-tenant hardware components for complete host control. Virtual Machine Instances with preconfigured OS images or custom OS images are available, accommodating various storage and latency requirements.

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TEAM Cloud Object Storage ensures elastic unstructured data storage within buckets, allowing payment solely for actual usage. TEAM Cloud Block Volume offers storage sizes ranging from 50 Gigabytes to 2 Terabytes, featuring NVMe-based Solid State Drives (SSD) and encrypted backups for enhanced security. TEAM Cloud Archive Storage caters to infrequently accessed data with long-term retention needs.

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TEAM Cloud Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) comprises a comprehensive set of networking components, including a private network, subnet, internet gateway, Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG), route tables, security list, firewall rules, DHCP options, and communications gateway.

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TEAM Cloud Audit, enabled by default, records all API endpoint calls, providing auditing services within the TEAM Cloud environment. TEAM Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) and tagging allow for user and privilege management, creating a policy-driven configurable component.

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Oracle Database Cloud Service Bare Metal in TEAM Cloud offers on-demand pay-as-you-go database services on dedicated hardware, while Oracle Exadata Cloud Service Bare Metal in TEAM Cloud provides high-performance engineered system capabilities.

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Works alongside TEAM Cloud VPN, offering public IP address load balancing within or across multiple availability domains, ensuring high availability and additional security features.


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TEAM Cloud DNS services are currently available, with email delivery expected soon.


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TEAM Cloud Containers enable the development, deployment, and operation of container-based microservices and server-less applications using open-source tools.

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Facilitates the migration of on-premise VM set ups onto TEAM Cloud.

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OCI’s offering for directing traffic outside the Internet.

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This diverse array of services underscores the versatility and comprehensive capabilities of the TEAM Cloud IaaS platform and TEAM Cloud some of the lowest Data Egress charges, where the first 10TB/month is free.

Examples of IaaS Utilisation

IaaS finds application across various business scenarios:

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Test and Development

DevOps teams leverage IaaS to swiftly establish and dismantle test and development environments, enabling the accelerated delivery of new applications to the market at a reduced cost.

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Traditional Applications

IaaS accommodates the needs of both cloud-native applications and traditional enterprise applications, encompassing ERP systems and business analytics applications.

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Website Hosting and Apps

Numerous businesses optimise costs by running their websites on IaaS platforms. Additionally, IaaS facilitates the rapid deployment and scalability of web and mobile applications.

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Storage, Backup, and Recovery

Managing on-premises storage, data backups, and disaster recovery demands considerable time and expertise. Transitioning infrastructure to the cloud via IaaS not only reduces costs but also allows businesses to redirect their focus to other critical tasks.

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High-Performance Computing

The pay-as-you-go model inherent in IaaS renders high-performance computing (HPC) and other data-intensive, project-oriented tasks more cost-effective, providing businesses with flexibility and affordability.

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